Makes sustainable farming also
a sustainable business

Seamless compliance and document flow to leave you more time for actions that really matters

What is Kolo.Track?

Startup's web solution for organic market
Kolo.Track is an ecosystem of solutions in the core of which we keep the efficiency of farmers and traders. Our users can track stocks, create deliveries, issue invoices, etc. At the same time, we take care that the exchange of this information is automated, and it's appropriately used for new sales generation and successful certification. All to decrease our user's costs and increase their sales.

About us
Hassle-free organic compliance and document flow to leave you more time for work that really matters
We believe that organic should be about the product, not about documents. That's why we're creating Kolo.Track. It allows all stakeholders on the organic market to automate information exchange between them and free them from extra paperwork. To make it possible, we've spent years on the organic market to learn about all processes and requirements from the inside. Now, we're embedding the organic regulations into the regular business workflow, so our users can conduct their daily activities and be sure that it meets certification expectations. But no worries, you always stay in control of your data

Problems we solve

Efficiency, transparency, safety
For Producers and Traders
Organic regulations might be vague and burdensome. They require additional investments of time and money. We make them for you simple and transparent. You just use our system for your daily operations, like buying goods from your suppliers and selling them to your customers. We take care about documents.
For Certification Bodies and Authorities
It can be complicated to process data from different clients, as each of them does it in their own way. We create a unified standard of data management that allows processing client's data in a natural way. With automated verifications, data is always ready for control. It allows switching from "after the fact" evaluation to real-time control.
For Corporations
Your audit process can be easily integrated into organic certification. Use suplier's validated data for your own control. We use collected product data to create a comprehensive quality outlook for a cheaper and more reliable sourcing process.
Why should you choose us?
We care about our clients and planet
Win-win cooperation
It's often hard to find a compromise between all shareholders. But we're not trying to find a middle ground. We develop a system, where all stakeholders can cooperate for win-win results
User-oriented design
Our pure goal is to free your time for working with your product, not your documents. Hence, in every decision we're about to make, we always ask ourself: what will make your life easier
Bigger mission
With every feature, we're doing regenerative farming more convenient. All together, we can make organic farming a global standard that is affordable to any farmer in the world. As result, we'll help save our planet's biodiversity and fertility
All great changes happen in cooperation. We are proud to share our way with like-minded organiSations
TP Organics
TP Organics is the European Technology Platform (ETP) for organic stakeholders. TP Organics is officially recognized by the European Commission for giving input in EU research policy and programs and develops Strategic Research & Innovation Agendas as well as roadmaps for research action at the EU and national levels.
Impact Hub
Impact Hub Berlin is the home for social entrepreneurship in the German capital. We are a catalyst for social innovation – a community, a consultancy and a creative space. As part of the biggest global network for social innovation, we inspire, connect and enable our local community of changemakers to develop solutions to the greatest challenges facing people and the planet
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