Making sustainable farming
also sustainable business
Kolo.Track aims to improve your supply chain management. Through our software, you will be able to validate your supply chain product data from top-tier to lower-tier suppliers. We do it through a partnership with independent third parties: certification bodies, surveyors, and laboratories.

As a result, we significantly reduce the risk of supplier non-conformance during import and ensure that all of your supply chain processes meet today's requirements like the recently adopted in Germany Supply Chain Law.
Roadmap for our potential cooperation
Block-chain based
traceability tool
We keep records of all the transactions among operators on each step. In this way, we enable you to constantly track the provenance and journey of products and their inputs.
Validation of your supply chain product data
We provide you information about product certification, analyses, and samples validated by specialized independent companies: certification bodies, laboratories, and surveyors.
Risk evaluation through AI
We train an AI model to identify what supply chain is most reliable for you and minimize the risk of supply chain disruption.
Currently, we are looking for future partners who would become our early adopters, assist us in user investigation, and with whom
we would successfully launch the pilot.
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